Our Story

What drives a young couple to start a jewelry brand from scratch? A lot of passion, the need to leave their mark on the world, the desire to wake up in the morning working on what they love, and a good dose of madness.

We are Alessandro and Martina, and in July 2022, during a return trip from a high mountain excursion, we had an idea. Initially, we dismissed it with laughter, but in the following days, we began to realize that, although very ambitious, it was far from being unattainable.

As the days passed, we realized that, in our daily conversations, that idea became increasingly important. At that moment, we started asking ourselves the first questions: "How can we make it happen?" "Do we have the resources to face all the challenges it will bring?"

From that month of July, a considerable amount of time passed, during which, alongside our daily and university commitments, we continued the search for contacts and information to bring that idea, now a dream, to life.

There were bureaucratic, organizational, and practical difficulties, but finally, that idea materialized and became a reality in the late summer of 2023.


What makes a jewelry brand unique? Its name.

For several months, during the spring of 2023, we sought a name that reflected our values and the journey in realizing our dream and, at the same time, was catchy and immediate. The name of a brand contributes significantly to its story.

After attempting various anagrams with our names and surnames, and after thinking of many different names, we settled on the name Maiko, and from that day, Maiko Gioielli was born.

Maiko (舞妓) is the term used to define an apprentice geisha in Western Japan. The meaning, in our case, is the diligent and constant pursuit of perfection and the realization of a dream through elegance and the continuous improvement of ourselves and our work.

Our Footprint

A shared characteristic that defines us is creativity; from the beginning, it was evident that all the designs and ideas behind each product would be created solely by us. One of our fundamental goals is the desire to leave a mark. Leaving a mark, for us, means creating products that are unique, tied to our perception of what we feel and to nature, our greatest source of inspiration.

Raw Materials and Italian Craftsmanship

The first practical decision that involved us was the physical realization of the jewelry. After creating and designing our first product, the "Battito" earring, not being experts in goldsmithing, we relied on the hands of others for its production. The most challenging decision was finding a goldsmith company that reflected our values. It is essential for us that each product is crafted by hand, carefully executed at every step, and composed of metals and gemstones of excellent quality. Choosing the company to collaborate with was not easy, but after several attempts, we found our match in a family-run business in the city of Valenza, the capital of jewelry.

The idea of taking a goldsmithing course to be able to bring our ideas to life and turn them into jewelry has crossed our minds several times. For now, we limit ourselves to postponing it for the future; whether it's near or far, only time and destiny will tell.


Our mission can be summarized in the desire to create unique jewelry that reflects our feelings and inspirations following a modern, refined, and elegant style. We aim to craft them sustainably and artisanally, using metals, processes, and gemstones of excellent quality. Nature has always been our greatest source of inspiration, and we want to commit, in the present and future, to promoting projects for the protection and preservation of the ecosystem by supporting organizations that work tirelessly for its conservation.

As of today, we cannot know if our crazy dream will ever be definitively realized. However, we can assure you that we will dedicate all our efforts and follow whatever destiny holds for us in the future, whether it's near or far.