Puffin Collection

May these Jewels always remind you of the importance of preserving and protecting Nature.

The Puffin Collection was created as a tribute to the Puffin.

Comprising jewelry crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and adorned with Citrine Quartz, Blue Topaz, and Peridot gemstones, it reflects the natural beauty surrounding the areas where the Puffin spends brief periods on land.

Citrine Quartz, with its golden radiance, carries the life force energy of the sun. This resplendent stone is known to attract prosperity and spread joy and positivity.

Blue Topaz, with its ethereal tone, calls to mind the deep waters of the ocean. This stone evokes calmness and mental clarity, allowing us to navigate the depths of the soul with balance and serenity.

Peridot, with its vibrant green, embodies the vitality and rebirth of nature. This stone symbolizes emotional balance and the joy of personal growth, inviting us to embrace the beauty of nature.

The Puffin Collection offers you the opportunity to wear jewelry that embodies beauty and a connection with nature.